For school and college groups we offer programs of study that will suit Foundation stage and Key stages 1 – 5. Out outdoor activity days are totally adaptable to the subject matter you are covering and will incorporate nature- based topics to enrich and enhance the national curriculum.

If you have more unique requirements for your subject we are happy to work with you to customise a program, just contact us to discuss your needs.



Creative writing in the wild wood – half day

The aim of these half day courses is to develop students creative writing skills by using the natural sensory environment of the woodland to stimulate and inspire the use of literary devices and vivid vocabulary.


Pond Dipping – full/half day

Join us in the woods as we explore our ponds and streams, nets in hand, we will search for creatures of all different shapes and sizes, identifying species and learning about freshwater habitats




Habitats for homes – full/half day

Exploring all the different habitats that interconnect, grasslands, woodland and wetlands. We will discover the plant and animal species that are found here and learn how they don’t just survive but thrive in their homes.


Environment and Ecology – full/half day

Discover the woodlands learning about the web of life and how we are all connected. Learn about food chains, plant and animal life cycles and their habitats, play games and explore the forest floor and the canopy above.





Tree and plant identification

Come on a walk with us to learn about the tree species and their uses, the history of woodlands in Britain and everything that makes up the complex woodland environment. Use ID sheets to see how many plant and trees you can discover, and how they grow differently for different uses, such as hedgerows and and lumber farming.

These are merely examples of sessions we have run each can be pitched at an appropriate level for the learners. If there is a topic not shown above that you would like us to cover, get in touch and we can create a custom event to suit your curriculum requirements.

For prices, available dates and details please contact us using the form provided on our Contact  Page